The Methodist Newsletter takes its responsibilities under data protection legislation very seriously and respects the privacy of our customers. This Policy aims to clearly tell you how we use your personal data, how we ensure it is kept secure and your choices.

The Methodist Newsletter is published by the Methodist Publishing Company, a limited company which can be contacted via the Rev Peter Mercer, 39 Glenside Park, Drumbo, Lisburn, Co. Antrim BT27 5LG or

Its main product is the Methodist Newsletter, published eleven times a year.  It also produces other occasional publications.  Most hard-copy magazines are obtained from a local church agent, but some are posted and some are sent in pdf form. There is also an associated website and Facebook page.

The main source of personal data is for subscription purposes and lists of subscribers with their contact details are kept by church agents.  Some data are also kept centrally for those who elect to get a posted or pdf copy. Apart from necessary contact details provided to the printer/distributor, no data are shared with any other body. Contact details are retained as long as needed for payment of subscriptions and/or distribution. 

Articles submitted or commissioned by the Methodist Newsletter may be edited or adapted by the editors and can be used both in the magazine and on the Newsletter website.  Submitted photographs should have the permission of any people represented. This is mandated for photographs of children. Generally, photographs of individual children will not be placed on the website or Facebook without parental permission.


If you have any questions or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy please email  or write Rev Peter Mercer, 39 Glenside Park, Drumbo, Lisburn Co. Antrim BTT27 5LG.

Last updated: 17th August 2021